How Does Community Solar Work?

Go Solar. No Roof Required and $0 Down with Community Solar.

Want to do something good for the planet and your community? Community Solar is a convenient way to go solar, with all of the environmental impact and none of the hassle. Get A Free Quote
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What is Community Solar?

NRG Community Solar is a solar energy sharing program.
Solar panel connected to a community of housesWe create power in numbers and a collective difference through community support of a solar farm that generates solar energy for an entire area.
Three people icons with a lightbulb above them inside a circleClean solar energy from our solar farms is sent directly to the local power grid, and subscribers receive solar credits to help with their electricity costs.
At the foundation of our Community Solar farms are residents like you who help support clean power. It's never been easier to make a difference for the planet and for your electricity costs.

Why Choose Community Solar

Your Benefits
No Drawbacks

Locally Produced Solar Energy

Solar with No Rooftop Installation

A Transparent Pricing Structure

No Ongoing Maintenance Costs

An Easy Sign Up Process

$0 Down

Helping Create Local Jobs

No Additional Upfront Costs

Contact a Solar Specialist

The Community Solar Process

NRG Community Solar builds and operates solar farms in your local community. Our dedicated, professional teams maintain them year round, so that your roof, and your time and effort, are removed from the equation.

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NRG Community Solar Farm produces clean, renewable electricity

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The Solar power generated is delivered directly to your local power grid

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You receive solar credits on your utility bill.

The solar farms are supported by subscription plans from eligible community members. You are the foundation that makes the Community Solar farms possible.

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What Makes Community Solar Different?

Community Solar stands out from rooftop solar and renewable electricity options, providing a more accessible way tto support a greener tomorrow. Learn how our program differs from programs like rooftop solar or wind power, and see what your investment means for our environment.

Community Solar vs. Rooftop SolarEnvironmental Impact
An older man and woman sitting down and smiling at their electricity bill

Understanding Your Costs

We have developed a transparent and predictable pricing structure that can help you offset utility costs over time with solar credits. Your plan is customized for your home based on factors like your unique energy usage and the solar farm's production. Learn more about our quotes.

How Pricing Works

What Are the Next Steps for Me?

Our enrollment process is easy and transparent, and our solar specialists will support you every step of the way.

  1. White checkmark iconSign up for Community Solar with $0 due at signing and lock in pricing for the term of your agreement.
  2. White solar panel icon with the sun above itYou are matched to an off-site solar farm in your community that is shared by other Community Solar customers in your area.
  3. White truck iconSolar energy generated from your community's solar farm is injected into the local utility's power grid.
  4. White icon of a piggy bank with a dollar sign in the middleEach month, you will receive solar credits for the solar power produced from your subscription. The solar credits can lower the balance from your utility and result in long-term savings.

Ready to Join Our Community?

The process is simple – no upfront costs or hidden fees, and no roof required. Join Community Solar today for a greener tomorrow.

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