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What is
Community Solar?

NRG Community Solar is a solar energy sharing program
built and maintained on off-site solar farms in local
communities across the United States.

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Why NRG Community Solar?

Community solar allows homeowners to support renewable energy production without the requirement of solar panel installation or property maintenance.

Number 1

Create a Sustainable Energy Future

During your first year as a community solar customer, you’ll have helped offset an amount of harmful emissions into the environment comparable to planting over 150 trees.

Number 2

No Roof Required

Our solar farms are off site so you don’t have to worry about any equipment on your roof.

Number 3

Benefit your Community’s Economy

Land preparation, installation, and maintenance of NRG Community Solar farms create hundreds of local jobs for your community.

Number 4

Predictable Rates and Flexible Terms

Enjoy predictable and transparent monthly billing through our simple solar credit system. If you move, your subscription may move with you.

How Does Community Solar Work?

Community solar gives you the opportunity to support renewable energy production without the requirement of solar panel installation and maintenance on your property. NRG Community Solar builds an off-site solar farm in your surrounding neighborhood delivering clean energy to the existing power grid and to your community.

The number 1

NRG Community Solar
Farm produces clean,
renewable electricity.

The number 2

Power from the
community solar farm
feeds into your local
utility electric grid.

The number 3

You will continue to receive
electricity service from your
local utility and once you are enrolled,
you’ll receive solar credits.

What are the Next Steps for Me?

Signup icon


Sign up for community solar with $0 due at signing and lock in pricing for the term of the agreement.

Solar panel icon


You are matched to an off-site solar farm in your community that is shared by other community solar customers in your area.

Sun icon


Solar energy generated from your community’s solar farm is injected into the local utility’s power grid.

Piggybank icon


Each month, NRG Community Solar applies solar credits to your electricity bill. The solar credits and the balance from your utility could result in long-term savings.

How is this Different from other
Renewable Energy Options?

Community Solar

check mark

No Rooftop Panel Installation or Maintenance Required by Homeowner

check mark

No Upfront Costs
or Hidden Fees

check mark

Long-Term Price

Rooftop Solar

circle with x inscribed

Maintenance Expense
Required by Homeowner

circle with x inscribed

Large Installation

check mark

Long-Term Price

Wind or Solar Powered Electricity

check mark

No Rooftop Panel Installation or Maintenance Required by Homeowner

check mark

No Upfront

circle with x inscribed

Price fixed for short term
(usually 12 months or less)

How could you Save with Community Solar?

Graphic explaining NRG Community Solar 2 bill system

NRG Community Solar bills you based on solar power production for each month while solar credits are applied to your regular utility bill. You will receive a monthly bill from NRG for your allocation of the solar farm. The applied solar credits from NRG and the balance from your utility bill may result in savings over time.

NRG Community Solar charges will be billed separately. Net Metering Credits may not be immediately available and are subject to change based on system production, changes to utility pricing and other factors. Savings are not guaranteed. Offer provided by NRG Community Solar LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc. NRG and the plus clusters are registered service marks of NRG Energy, Inc.

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Have More Questions?

We’re here to answer any questions and provide you the resources you need so that you feel good about your path to supporting clean energy.

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