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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is community solar?

A community solar project—sometimes referred to as a solar garden or shared renewable energy plant—is a solar power plant. ‘Community solar’ can refer to both ‘community-owned’ projects as well as third party-owned plants. Community solar customers are able to sign up to receive a portion of the Net Metering Credits associated with production from the community solar farm.

How does it work?


  1. Enrollment: You subscribe to a solar farm with $0 due at signing and price certainty for a 20 or 25-year term.
  2. Solar Farm Assignment: NRG Community Solar assigns you to a local solar farm.
  3. Energy Delivery: Energy is delivered to your home the same way it is today, only now the production from the community solar farm helps benefit our environment.

What are the benefits?

Your subscription to NRG Community Solar benefits the local economy by providing many jobs and helping to offset carbon emissions. In addition, you will receive solar credits without the hassle of equipment and upfront costs.

What areas do you service?

Currently, we are developing solar farms in Minnesota, Massachusetts and New York.

How can I visit the solar farm?

Unfortunately, most of our farms are located on private property, so we are unable to release the exact address where they are located. Once you have entered into the program, NRG Community Solar will provide more information about the location and status of your assigned solar farm.

How can I contact you?

For sales, call 1-888-37For sales, call  1-888-372-1631 or email
For existing customers, call our Customer Support team at 1-855-712-7508 from Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm ET or email

What are Solar Credits?

Solar credits are units of solar production output that are applied to the community solar subscriber’s utility bill each month. Solar credits are applied based on the power output from your allocation of the farm. These solar credits result in potential savings for you.

What will happen to my utility bill?

You will receive two bills each month. The NRG Community Solar program is run in conjunction with local utilities. Therefore, you will now receive one bill from NRG Community Solar with your monthly subscription fee and one from your local utility with your solar credits applied.

What happens if I move?

If you plan to move to a new residence, please provide written notice of your new address at least 90 days prior to your move. You can email your notice to or mail it to: NRG Community Solar, PO Box 304, Houston, TX 77001.

As long as your new residence is located within the same service territory and load zone, your NRG Community Solar agreement can move with you. Once you notify us of your move, we will coordinate with the utility to have the credits redirected to your new account.

If you move outside of the utility service area, you may cancel your customer agreement by finding an eligible replacement customer that signs a Customer Agreement for your allocation amount. Any proposed replacement customer must satisfy our credit standards and other applicable customer qualifications. You are responsible for all payments due until the replacement customer has executed a customer agreement and Net Metering Credits are redirected to his or her account – which is subject to your electric distribution company’s rules. See your Community Solar Customer Agreement for details.

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