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Massachusetts Community Solar

Are you a Massachusetts resident?
Learn more about how community solar subscribers are helping
to create a sustainable environment in Massachusetts.

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Clean Energy In Your Community Could Mean More Savings For You

Whether your motivation is to protect the environment for current and future generations or to save money, you could have both when you choose community solar. You’ll support clean energy in your community and could accumulate long-term savings with solar credits. Each month community solar will apply credits to your regular utility bill based on the solar output from your allocation of your local solar farm.

In Massachusetts, we’ve built some of the nation’s largest farms and maintain them regularly through any weather condition.

Not sure if there is a community solar farm in your area? We currently serve communities in Spencer, Pepperell, Freetown, and many more as we continue to expand to more areas.

Savings depend on community solar pricing versus applicable bill credit for solar farm production. Bill credit amounts will vary by utility territory and are subject to change.
Savings are not guaranteed. Terms and conditions apply and not everyone will qualify for community solar. Contact NRG Community Solar LLC for details.

What’s Happening in Massachusetts?

Sustainable innovation has long been a point of focus in Massachusetts and now we’re taking clean energy to a whole new level. Here’s how much a Massachusetts NRG Community Solar customer can offset CO2 emissions:

automobile icon


Miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

gasoline icon


Gallons of gasoline

sustainability icon


Acres of U.S. forest
in one year

Calculation based on the estimated farm production of an average 7 kW allocation over the 20 year life of the Agreement.
For more information about this calculation visit the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

“I like Community Solar because I can participate in locally sourced solar without having to make a large investment, and my friends who have apartments can participate in solar without having a structure to build it on.”

Melinda H., Community Solar Customer

Photo Gallery

Sepencer, MA
Sepencer, MA
Sepencer, MA
Spencer Road Solar Farm
Spencer Road Solar Farm
Spencer Road Solar Farm
Spencer Road Solar Farm
Spencer Road Solar Farm
Spencer Road Solar Farm

Massachusetts Sustainability Goal

NRG Community Solar is building solar farms in Massachusetts to deliver clean energy to your community’s existing power grid, supporting the Commonwealth’s sustainability goal of 1,600 MW of new solar power by 2020.

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