Some of you have taken steps to make energy-efficient choices in daily living, possibly even exploring clean energy options for your home. As an energy company, NRG has also taken steps to make a positive impact—it has made sustainability the heart of its mission.

NRG is at the Forefront of Sustainable Energy

NRG has just released its 2016 Sustainability Report that tracks its commitment to sustainable practices. It is the first ever US power company to do so using measures set by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Boarda, making it a forward-thinking leader in its industry. For NRG, sustainability isn’t just a nice-to-have—it is the future.

“Sustainability is this big disruptive societal force that is making us rethink how we do everything as organizations, as individuals, as a society,”[1]

–Bruno Sarda, Vice President of Sustainability at NRG

As an organization, NRG has made meaningful progress in its sustainability efforts, with plans to do even more. Its 2016 sustainability report shows that NRG

  • Converted 3 large coal-burning power plants to natural gas
  • Cut carbon emissions by 36 percent since 2014; NRG’s goal is to reach 50 percent carbon reduction by 2030, and 90 percent carbon reduction by 2050
  • Is the first in its industry to set science-based targets for carbon reduction (NRG’s carbon reduction goals are recognized by global organizations including the United Nations and the World Wildlife Foundation, as well as by the US EPA’s Climate Leadership Award)
  • Is the first in its industry to commit to choosing sustainable suppliers, with a goal of reducing the carbon and water impact of its supply chain by 25 percent by 2025
  • Enacted changes to create sustainable, energy-efficient workplaces for approximately 8,500 full-time employees by 2020
  • Expanded renewable energy offerings that allow more people and businesses to choose clean solar or wind energy and contribute to a more sustainable planet

NRG Makes Sustainable Energy Possible for More Communities

For NRG and Sarda, the greatest positive impact on our planet will come from helping more people and businesses reduce their carbon footprint. That is why NRG is also leading the way through its community solar programs.

What is community solar? The idea is simple: empower people to support clean and renewable solar energy in their communities even when their homes or businesses cannot support solar panels.

As NRG works toward its sustainability goals, it will continue to make clean energy a possibility for more and more communities, helping to deliver environmental and economic value to its customers.

Let’s Give Sustainable Energy Its Day in the Sun

With community solar, consumers take power into their hands to contribute to a sustainable energy future for our planet. What’s more, community solar also gives consumers the power to secure fixed pricing for long-term price certainty.

Learn more about community solar and the power to make a difference with NRG. It is time to turn sustainable energy into reality!

a The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board is a nonprofit organization that developed a standard measure of progress and reporting on sustainability used by different industries.

[1] Barth, Brian. “NRG Energy’s Bruno Sarda Looks Forward to a Sustainable Future.” Green Building & Design. Available at:

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