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Understanding Community Solar

How Are Community Solar Farms Built?

A Guide to the Construction of NRG Community Solar Farms Against the familiar landscapes of skylines, neighborhoods, townships, and even local vegetation, a community solar farm quickly catches the eye of those driving by—their rows-upon-rows of aligned solar arrays with…

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A man with a hard hat working on a solar panel

Community Solar

Where 2018 Will Take Us

Like the sun starting off as a mere cloud of gas and dust, the solar industry has evolved from an infant industry into a major source of new energy investment and job creation in the U.S. GTM Research and the…

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Sustainable Living

Science Center: Home Experiments For Kids

Make Your Own Wind Powered Sailboat

Have you ever enjoyed a lake or the ocean on a sailboat? If you have, you know that the wind is the driving force that helps the boat pick up speed and make its way along the water. Two major…

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Sundial Experiment

Have you ever played outside on a clear summer day and watched the sun’s position change as time progressed? For example, when playing outside at 10 in the morning, the sun was at one position and when you looked again…

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News & Announcements

A man in a white hard hat checking the solar panel equipment


Leadership in Sustainability

Some of you have taken steps to make energy-efficient choices in daily living, possibly even exploring clean energy options for your home. As an energy company, NRG has also taken steps to make a positive impact—it has made sustainability the…

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