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All About Renewable Power

Understanding Community Solar

A man with a hard hat working on a solar panel

Community Solar

Where 2018 Will Take Us

Like the sun starting off as a mere cloud of gas and dust, the solar industry has evolved from an infant industry into a major source of new energy investment and job creation in the U.S. GTM Research and the…

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Super close view of a solar panel

The Evolution of Solar Panels

A Brief History of How We Harness the Sun Every day, our sun provides a significant amount of energy.In fact, enough energy from the sun hits the Earth every hour to power our planet for an entire year! Since the…

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Sustainable Living

A Beginner’s Guide to Composting

What do you do with banana peels, egg shells, vegetable trimmings, and other food scraps? How about yard waste? When we think about greenhouse gases, we typically think of carbon dioxide emissions. But when food and other organic materials break…

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Science Center: Home Experiments For Kids

Solar Powered Toy Car Experiment for Students

Building a Solar Powered Toy Car Solar energy, created by the sun, is an important source of renewable energy. In fact, most renewable energy comes from the sun either directly or indirectly. Indirectly, the sun’s heat drives the wind which…

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News & Announcements

A man in a white hard hat checking the solar panel equipment


Leadership in Sustainability

Some of you have taken steps to make energy-efficient choices in daily living, possibly even exploring clean energy options for your home. As an energy company, NRG has also taken steps to make a positive impact—it has made sustainability the…

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