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About NRG Community Solar

Go solar. No roof required.

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Who We Are

NRG Community Solar is a solar energy sharing program built with state-of-the-art panels on off-site farms. We make sustainable energy solutions easily accessible to homeowners and businesses who share a vision of a clean energy future.

Community solar is a renewables initiative of NRG, a Fortune 500 company and the leading integrated power provider in the U.S.

NRG Community Solar empowers environmentally-motivated individuals to harness the limitless power of the sun and shape a sustainable energy future together.

Sunrise over NRG Community Solar farm in Minnesota with service truck in foreground

In the News

Want to hear what sustainable innovations we’ve been up to lately? Read about us in the press.

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About NRG

We are a Fortune 500 energy company with the size, scope and flexible mindset to deliver energy solutions uniquely suited to the needs and goals of our customers.

Bright Ideas Blog

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