About NRG

We understand power and we provide it in ways uniquely suited to the needs and goals of the businesses we serve. Our flexible mindset and industry leading position lead to a diverse range of energy solutions.

Discovering What's Right

The right energy solution is about more than technology. It’s about implementing the smart solution to our customers in exactly the right way.

That’s what creates a sustainable solution, one that boils down to a simple idea: partnerships.With 25+ years of proven expertise and access to the entire energy spectrum – renewables, distributed, thermal, services – these partnerships simplify the energy experience and let businesses focus on what matters.

NRG At-A-Glance

Size & Scope

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Where we do business blue icon of the United States saying All fifty states + DC

Integrated Platform


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NRG’s diverse wholesale generation

capabilities meet the demands of a dynamic market today while optimizing for tomorrow.


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Our energy expertise and best-in-class business solutions

serve our customers reliably and cost-effectively.


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NRG has desirable products and services

to match our customers’ budgets and lifestyles.

Sustainability Commitments

Blue box saying 50% carbon emissions reduction by 2030, yellow box saying 90% carbon emissions reduction by 2050

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