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Community Solar

NRG Community Solar offers options for you and your community to take part in the solar revolution. We start by building off-site solar farms in your area. The energy generated by these farms is delivered to your utility’s existing power grid. As a customer, you and your family benefit by earning solar credits for the energy produced by your portion of the solar farm.

Our Communities

Signing up for community solar means joining a community of people just like you who want to create a sustainable future. Find out if we are in your community.

Solar panels in field
Two solar panels in a field

About Us

We are creating clean energy solutions for the future. We believe solar energy should be practical and economical for everyone with every rise of the sun. As one of the nation’s largest solar energy providers, our state-of-the-art panels and advanced technology make the entire experience a breeze for you.

We build off-site solar farms to provide solar solutions to all, including those with a shaded yard, those without a suitable roof, and even those who are eligible for rooftop solar, but don’t like the look of solar panels on their home.

Environmental Sustainability

Did you know Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York are in the top ten greenest states in the nation? The proof is in the numbers.
Here’s how the average NRG Community Solar customer is improving the environment:

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Miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

barrel of oil icon


 Gallons of gasoline

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 Acres of U.S. forest storing
carbon for one year

Calculation based on the estimated farm production of an average 7 kW allocation over the life of the Agreement.
For more information about this calculation visit the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

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