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We're leading the way to smarter energy solutions, and so can you. We work to make solar more accessible and affordable to homeowners and home renters with every sunrise. As one of the nation's largest solar providers, we offer world-class solar panels and components to make the entire experience a breeze for you.

Community Solar is our newest offering, which uses off-site solar farms to provide solar solutions to those who rent, those without an applicable roof or those with a shaded yard. There's never been a better time to let the sun get to work.

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The Spencer Street Community Solar farm in Spencer, MA. With a rated capacity of 14.7 MW (AC), is one of the largest community solar farm in the US.*

The Edmund Freeman Community Solar farm in Sandwich, MA will provide up to 1.5 MW of capacity, enough to power 360 average-sized homes.*

The Locust Street Community Solar farm in Freetown, MA produces enough energy to power over 170 average-sized homes.*

The SunShare Community Solar portfolio of projects provides 8.2 MW (AC) of power in Denver and Colorado Springs.*

The Community Solar farm in Rutland, VT produces enough energy to power about 50 average-sized homes and businesses.*

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