Go solar. No roof required.

NRG Community Solar makes it a breeze to go solar without
requiring any panels on your home.

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What is NRG Community Solar?

It's a way for you to contribute to a cleaner energy future. Our team will build and maintain an off-site solar farm and your subscription will add clean energy to the grid. You'll then notice the solar credits on your utility bill moving forward. You could contribute to a greener environment while saving on your energy costs.

Whether you live in an apartment, condo or house, you can lock in a predictable price to protect against the possibility of rising electricity rates with Community Solar. And you no longer need a roof to let the sun get to work on your home.

Why go solar?

You'll be doing your part towards a cleaner, brighter tomorrow with Community Solar. And our team takes care of all the heavy lifting for you. NRG Community Solar offers:

No equipment on your property
No upfront costs
No need to own a home to participate
Long-term price security
An opportunity for you to take control of your power and potentially save1

How does NRG Community Solar work?



Subscribe to a solar farm with $0 due at signing and lock in your price for the term of the agreement.



NRG Community Solar will match you to a local solar farm.



Energy is delivered to your home the same way it is today, only now you're supporting solar energy generation in your community.



You'll pay NRG Community Solar each month for production from the solar farm and will receive a credit on your electricity bill for your share of the farm's solar production.

Here's how the process works.

Old Utility Bill
New Utility Bill
NRG Community Solar Subscription
What you could save.
Receive monthly solar credits on your electricity bill.
Your monthly payment for electricity generated by the solar farm.

The math is simple when you let the sun get to work.

With solar credits, Community Solar could reduce your monthly electricity bill. You'll receive two bills each month so that you can track your savings over time. One will include your normal electricity statement from your utility with the solar credits applied and the other will come from NRG Community Solar for your monthly payment.

But don't take our word for it.

Several bright-minded people have made the switch to Community solar.
See what they have to say.

“I like Community Solar because I can participate in locally sourced solar without having to make a large investment, and my friends who have apartments can participate in solar without having a structure to build it on.”

Melinda H., Community Solar Customer

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